Notice how it says WE and not I?

I want your wedding to scream YOU!   That means us working together!


I create and plan highly personal events that represent your personal style and your relationship. 

It's not about me, it's about YOU!


What’s It Like to Be Engaged With Nora?


Simple. It means I get to be your "friend who takes care of things" while we work together to plan the coolest day of your life! The majority of the time I am working with you, you’re engaged, not married.  You only get to plan events like these a few times in your life, so why not make it fun? My goal is to create a one-of-a-kind wedding that embodies your personal style and relationship. I want you to show up for your wedding and feel like everything is going to be taken care of.  I want you to cherish and enjoy this process.  

I love what I do and who I do it with.

When you become Engaged With Nora, you become a part of my family. I treat every wedding as if it were my own.

 We will create and plan a highly personal event that represents YOU!

We will work together to produce a wedding with memories that will last you a lifetime!



All of my clients first go through a consultation process with me.  We go over basic details, priorities and budget.  From here, I suggest which package would be the right fit for you!


After booking, the real work begins!  We come up with a concept, start touring and meeting with vendors and firm up your budget and timeline.


I provide you with numerous spreadsheets, guides and mood boards all through your own personal Google Drive folder.  This way, we can quickly and easily update items as the planning progresses.  This folder is our bible!


We then spend the next months fine tuning, problem solving and cementing your day. We finalize design, floorplan, menu and vendors.   We look at which items we intend to buy or make and create plans to finish minor tasks.


No matter what package you choose, I will always be there for you in the final moments. The final meetings, walkthroughs and rehearsals.  Once the wedding day begins, I turn into the conductor of the train!  I coordinate vendors, wedding party and your timeline.  I’m onsite for you and help make sure everything is going as planned.  I become your designated problem solver.  Scuffed dance floor?  I’ve got it.  Vendors running late?  I’ve already called them.  Guests can’t find parking?  I have someone outside directing.  If it’s happening, I’ve got a solution.  This is where a coordinator and planner becomes extremely necessary.  


You have someone handling things that has been there for you every step of the way.  There’s no miscommunications, because we’ve been on the same page the whole time!



Like I said, if you work with me, you become a part of my family.  This means that an email, phone call or text will never go unanswered.  I am committed to helping you and sometimes that means communicating at odd hours in order to get the job done.


If I am ever unavailable for a period of time, my clients are the first to know.  You will never get an “Out Of Office” reply from me, without knowing beforehand.  Communication is key to a successful event and you don’t want to be working with someone who doesn’t value your time and needs as well.


While I have vendors that I work with frequently, I am always open to new ones!  Vendor selection can be very tricky and it’s hard to know if what you are paying for will actually become a reality.


Since weddings are so intangible, I try my best to align myself with partners that have wonderful reputations, work ethic, and product.  Working with a vendor because they are the cheapest, usually doesn’t turn out the way you want.  We spend a lot of time discussing portfolios, quotes and reviews in order to choose the vendors that work best for your budget and vision. 


What does it cost to work with me?  Well, that depends very much on the scale and budget that you have.  The truth is, your wedding will cost as much as you would like it to!


I love to work with clients that have average budgets and want to use that budget to the fullest.  A lot of the work we do is centered around your budget because I know what a huge investment a wedding is, and I never want you to feel uncomfortable with what you are spending.  My clients’ security is always my biggest priority.